John Jones / Alan Prosser / Ian Telfer
Complete Music Ltd 1989

First released on:  Ride, 1989

I am dancing in the gutter
I am trying not to pray
take me as you find me
but take me anyway
take me to the Mardi Gras
take me to the hop
take me to the cleaners
but do not let me drop

circles round the village
lines across the town
shadows in the city
won't you take me down?

underneath the arches
or up against the wall
will we meet tomorrow?
will we meet at all?
will we meet in heaven
or the middle of the air?
meet me in St Louis
o meet me anywhere

I am dancing in the spotlight
the light is like a knife
dancing in the mirror
I am dancing for my life
at the stroke of midnight
when the music stops
tell me what your name is
but do not let me drop