John Jones / Alan Prosser / Ian Telfer
Pukka Music 2014

First released on:  Diamonds On The Water, 2014

let the dark be your friend
climb the stairs and look around you
nothing there, no one to harm you
step by step your life begins
let the dark be your friend

now your thoughts are your own
new feelings deep inside you
solitude's a star to guide you
light your path to childhood's end
and the dark never ends

steal away
steal away
let the dark never end 

let the stars be your friend
through this lonely time and season
always there like rhyme and reason
planets fade as day begins
but the dark never ends

when the sheets are tangled and you just can't sleep
you pull back the curtains and the shadows creep
open the window, let the moon shine in
and it's cool as silver on the heat of your skin
and the night-train rattles and a vixen barks
miles away in the dark
in the dark you know yourself alone
you know yourself alone

steal away
steal away
steal away
let the darkness be your friend