John Jones / Ian Telfer
Pukka Music 1999

First released on:  Here I Stand, 1999

I know by the whispers, the sly shifting glances
the laughter that quickly dies down
I know by the silence, words left unspoken
sound of my feet on the ground

she's moved on
she's moved on

once we were magic
no one could touch us
we lived in a world of our own
wishes were horses
Monday was Friday
heaven was nearer than home
she's moved on
she's moved on

maybe I'll hide for a week or two 
swallow my pride like a man should do
act like I've still got some dignity 
it doesn't sound like me

I've smashed up some glasses
stared in the mirror
howled like a dog at the moon
if it takes me forever
to pick up the pieces
it won't be a moment too soon

she's moved on
she's moved on