John Jones / Alan Prosser / Ian Telfer
Complete Music Ltd 1988

First released on: Wide Blue Yonder, 1987

walking through the world with Pigsty Billy
you can feel the sun go down
holes in your soles and nothing in your pockets
grinning at the edge of town

sow the yard with broken bottles
find a message now and then
lose the key in a patch of nettles
never find that door again

don't you whistle when the wind is rising
or tell a chicken who's got the knife
don't you ask for drink on credit
don't look twice at any man's wife

the stars are hard, it's a long December
bait your line on a frozen pool
all the things you can't remember
spring will thaw them out, the fool

buried round behind the chapel
all tied up with a piece of string
a photograph of Greta Garbo
rabbit's foot and a curtain ring