Oysterband Links List

Website by our former drummer, Lee Partis, who is now working in a prison in the north of England and campaigns for the use of counselling in prisons (a poorly funded area of public policy).

John's website specifically for his "rambling" tours, where he walks from venue to venue and invites audiences to join him (not compulsory, though!).

Website for film-maker and photographer Judith Burrows, who did the remarkable shoots for Oysters' MEET YOU THERE and June Tabor/Oysters' RAGGED KINGDOM

fROOTS, formerly Folk Roots, magazine. Indispensible 'journal-of-record' for folk and world musics

Reviews, online CD sales, gig listings, you name it, with ambitions to be a universal service

Day-to-day folk/acoustic events guide for UK

Multilingual and frequently-updated site by Petr Doruzka and Ken Hunt covering lots of intriguing things.

Covers exactly the sort of artist booked by the Big Session Festival, including several of those below. Bright & concise

Non-commercial magazine-type site, dedicated to folk music in the widest sense. Has good Oysterband pictures in photo-library and much else

The company that currently distributes all Oyster recordings, including the Cooking Vinyl ones.

Ronald Kim Schmøde's site, in English or Danish: folk-rock, Oysters, photographs

More Oyster pix, some of them good

A blank e-mail to the above will connect you to a "burgeoning" discussion group re Oysters. Note we take NO responsibility for the admin or content of this!!

Uillean piper, fiddler, whistle-player, hispanophile, Cara Dillon cohort, occasional Oysterband guest and all-round fine chap

Maker of violins and violas (and various things in-between) to the stars. And also to I Telfer, E Carthy etc etc

QuitSmokingCommunity.org/  and  www.cancer.org  are two organisations particularly working to help musicians and singers quit the lethal weed and lead healthier lives

More when we get round to it. Let us know if any of the above stop working.

(thanks Vonnie)

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