Useful Addresses

To contact the band:

To discuss mail-order, the mailing-list or the website:

To book the band:

UK and general: Rob Challice at Coda Agency

AUSTRIA: Dietmar Haslinger at Agentur Weltenklang

CANADA: Bob Jensen at Jensen Music International

GERMANY: Frank Hesshaus at Weird World

SCANDINAVIA: Flemming Christensen at Mærsk Music

SPAIN: Antonio & Carlos Barral at El Cohete or

To send mail orders by post or any other correspondence: Running Man, PO Box 12018, Coggeshall, Colchester CO6 1ZJ, UK

Don't forget, we really like to hear from you… well, usually. The one thing that's difficult is if you send us songs or photographs as e-mail attachments. They interfere with other business, and it quite spoils Mr Clowtt's day (not a good idea). PLEASE either send them by post on disc to Running Man, or put them on a site and send us the e-address. Ta, much appreciated…

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