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and Mojo 2011 Folk Album Of The Year  for Ragged Kingdom with June Tabor.
And over the years, 5 times BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards winners, hey!


oysterband 2014

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Welcome to Oysterband's official website...


Very pleased to announce we'll be doing TØNDER FESTIVAL in Denmark again this year.  That makes August a notable month:  we'll be playing Cambridge Folk Festival's 50th anniversary on the 3rd, Sidmouth Folk Week's 60th anniversary 6th - 8th, and Tønder Festival's 40th anniversary 28th-31st. 

How about that?!

We're honoured to be part of the Big Birthdays of these great institutions of the folk music world.  It's been a long story!
  (Thinks:  we really must get round to writing the book one day...)

The new Oysterband studio album Diamonds On The Water  is now out.  It's our first collection of entirely new material in (gulp!) 7 years.

Naturally CDs are available from our website shop  as well as from Navigator Records and your usual retail outlets.  Buy early, buy often!

Note the limited autographed edition is now sold out.

Downloads are available at (whole album only).  And you can view the CD booklet and digipak images here. 

"From beginning to end, Diamonds On The Water is quite, quite brilliant." Folk Radio
"You know this will become one of the Oysters' best-loved albums..." 
"Gefühlvoll und äußerst melodiös"
"...unglaublich eindrucksvoll und schön."  Legacy
""Revamped and revitalised Oysterband produce their best CD in, playing and arranging out of the top drawer"    Maverick ***** (5-stars)
and who are we to disagree?

By the way, at one point recently Diamonds On The Water was #2 on the iTunes  pre-order downloads chart.  In Mongolia.  (We are not making this up.  Sad to say, though, it seems to have peaked there.)

Tracks are:

    A Clown's Heart

    A River Runs

    Spirit Of Dust

    Lay Your Dreams Down Gently
    Diamonds On The Water

    The Wilderness

    Palace Of Memory

    Once I Had A Sweetheart

    No Ordinary Girl

    Call You Friend

    Steal Away

    Like A Swimmer In The Ocean

You can hear some of these new songs live at any of our upcoming gigs, so get your tickets now!


Announcing......FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY......a resurrection!   ---



Oysterband plus special guests:  June Tabor and more to be announced

Saturday 27th September

tickets and info:




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Tour Dates 2014


  May 21  St George's  Bristol  [UK]    SEATED

  (replaces show postponed from March 04)

  May 23   Bollington Festival  Bollington [UK]

  May 24   Bearded Theory  Catton Hall,
  Derbyshire [UK]

  July 04  Theatre In The Park  Strode Park,
Herne, Kent [UK]


  July 06  TFF Rudolstadt  Rudolstadt  [DE]


  July 11  Blacksheep Festival  Bonfeld [DE]

  August 03  Cambridge Folk Festival  Cambridge

  August 6 - 8  Sidmouth Folk Week  Sidmouth


  August 15  Wickham Festival  Wickham [UK]

  August 28-31  Tønder Festival  Tønder [DK]

  September 12  Bromyard Folk Festival 
Bromyard [UK]

  September 25  The Brindley Theatre  Runcorn


  September 26  Grand Paviliion  Matlock Bath

  September 27  Big-Session-on-Sea  Bexhill-
on-Sea [UK]

  September 28  Southdowns Folk Festival 

  Bognor Regis [UK]

  October 02  Zakk  Düsseldorf [DE]

  October 03  Musiktheater Rex  64625 Bensheim 

  October 04  Kulturflut Festival  Hamburg [DE]

  October 25  Lichfield Cathedral  Lichfield [UK]

  November 04 - 15  TOUR OF DENMARK

   ALAN PROSSER solo dates

25-31 May 2014 - Two Moors, Two Seas
walking tour through Devon
   See also John's website at       

    RAY 'CHOPPER' COOPER has left Oysterband
    to pursue a solo career. His dates and tour info
    can be found at  -  bon
    voyage och säker resa, friend!